IN-SESSION, a unique opportunity to learn from the creative world's most influential minds.

On-demand masterclass events

IN-SESSION was born through the need for a window into a world that can often be deemed secretive or difficult to source.

The concept is to bring a cross section of session stylists from around the globe to our London studio and film/interview and watch them create their aesthetic live. Over 2hrs, you will be able to watch and learn their unique creative process and hear how they have become the artist they are today.

Nick says, “I’ve been very fortunate to have a career in hair that has crossed many boundaries. I felt through my close relationship and friendships with session stylists that it's really important to create a platform where we can truly celebrate their brilliance and get this across to a much wider audience in the hair industry”. 



“We have never been more influenced by this world via social media etc, but I want to truly get inside the minds of these guys in a live steaming situation. My obsession with hair has led us to create something that I always dreamed about doing and now hopefully IN-SESSION will give you the hairdresser, the access to this world also.


There are many big names that hairdressers are aware of but there are also a lot of brilliant ones that slip under the radar, we want to showcase as many of these incredible creatives as possible”.



“My goal has always been about growing this wonderful industry we are part of and to do that i feel bringing the session and professional world closer together will only elevate us both. I want everyone from assistants starting out to senior hairdressers to have access and learn the unique nuances and techniques that these guys possess. We never stop learning and this is another area that I believe will take your work to another level, I’m beyond excited to say the least”.

Masterclass event - Nick Irwin

Masterclass event - Nick Irwin

Nick Irwin - Masterclass event.

Duration 2 hours

Rent - $70 (72 hour rental when purchased)

Purchase - $85